Hey you! Lockdown can be so boring with nothing to do and generally be quite lonely.

The Fusion squad hangout together on Discord every Tuesday – Friday, 3-5pm.

For people aged 13 to 17, we’re opening the doors to the Fusion House on Discord.


**REgistrations Now Open**

We generally do things like board games, casual chats, drawing and games when we hang out.

Tuesday – Friday we’ll be all through the Fusion House with a range of activities.

You can join us in the Family Room, to hang out, find out what this all about, and maybe end up in a game of Smash Karts or Scribbl.io. In the Board Game Room we’ll play some Uno, Scrabble or whatever else we can find in the online board game cupboard! The Gaming Room is for people who like Minecraft. Kitchen Chats for those who want some banter or need some advice. Chill Vibes is where we get creative or take a break from the noisier rooms.

Our Study Rooms are for anyone who wants help with their schoolwork.

Sometimes we might drag you into the Bunker, a recording studio where we’ll create stuff for Fusion Radio or our Insta.

We’re still not sure what is hidden in the Tiny Basement…

Thursdays we’re on Minecraft and Friday we have our big everyone hangout afternoon (a bit like BYO but online!)

Here’s our discord link: FusionWS

We’ll need your parent/carer to fill out this permission slip before we can member you.

See you soon, less go!!!1

If you’re a parent and want to know more, you can contact us through the form below.



Tuesday to Friday

3:00pm – 5:00pm


On our Fusion WS Discord server.




Contact us by registering below.

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Before commencing any Fusion program, young people and their families must complete the information record. This is a one-off form that gives us a bit of information about the young person joining our program. If you have further questions please include a comment in the applicable field above.

*Please note that all personal information will only be used for the primary purpose for which it is collected or in the limited circumstances set out in the Privacy Act. Information will be stored securely and will not be disclosed to others outside Fusion unless legally required to do so.